E-Commerce starts with personalization

Increase your revenue per customer using AI.

PartzInsight by MC+A will transform your aftermarket parts business. Schedule a demo to see how an AI-Powered search solution deployed by MC+A can revolutionize your business.



If They Can’t Find It, They Can’t Buy It

Are you meeting your customers' expectations? A poor search experience that doesn't meet your customers' expectations will hurt the revenue potential for your e-commerce site. Your potential customers' expectations are changing. Their shopping experiences at the large online retailers (like Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart) are driving this change. They expect personalization, recommendations, and just a little 'magic.' The good news is that technology today can transform these challenges into an opportunity to close the gap between customer expectations and the search experience you provide. 

Understand user queries with NLP

Understand the meaning of your customers' search queries

Deliver accurate search results instantly. PartzInsight uses natural language processing (NLP), classification, and other advanced techniques to interpret the user's search query and provide the relevant products they are more likely to buy. 

PartzInsight helps deliver compelling e-commerce experiences at your scale

PartzInsight combines an AI-powered search and personalization with features tuned for online parts e-commerce, allowing you to provide hyper-personalized shopping experiences that will improve conversions and revenue.

Learn to rank delivers better results over time

“Amazon reports that 35% of their sales come from their recommendations systems.”

Recommendations are a game-changer

Browsing your site does not need to be locked to a static taxonomy. You can provide an experience where navigation paths are dynamic and based on previous conversions. PartzInsight provides browsing experience based on highly personalize recommendations base on prior customers and the current visitor's behavior. Making each customers' experience tailored optimizes the cross-sell, upsell, and add to cart (ATC) opportunities.

User specific recommendations are a game changer

Ready to see our solution in action?

PartzInsight helps you compete with the other major online retailers that built their success on a robust, scalable search platforms powerful features for customers and merchandisers, including:

  • Personalization and Recommendations
  • Understanding customer queries for intent and fitment
  • Indexing large and complex data catalogs with fitment
  • Capturing analytical signals to provide behavioral insights you can use to improve relevance and recommendation automatically